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Harbin Zhaochen Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. Is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in providing high-end products, application services and solutions for industrial transmission machinery. Our company is the general agent of Dutch BBS company in China. BBS company's Teclite product is a composite engineering material made of synthetic fiber and thermosetting resin, which is widely used in different market fields, including ocean, offshore, mining/oil/gas, railway, hydraulic, agriculture and so on. Our Teclite products are self-lubricating, wear-resistant and low-friction, with higher carrying capacity and better dimensional stability than other non-metallic materials. Teclite full range of products: Teclite 100/100m / 100MP/ 300/600/600r, they have different performance characteristics and are used in different fields.

Since establishment has been committed to metal bearings, ceramic bearings (ZrO2, Al ? O ?, Si3N4, SiC), plastic bearings (POM, PA, HDPE, PP, UPE, uhmw-pe, PEEK, PI, MTFE, PVDE), ceramic components, plastic parts hybrid bearing research, development, production, have bearing and accessories for many companies in the world of design, manufacturing, testing, maintenance and service solutions for the professional enterprise.

We use the latest research and development management, production equipment, testing equipment, in the process of production and development for many years, we always in the first time with customers in the technology or existing problems, so as to ensure that the bearing and all kinds of structural parts produced are the most able to solve customer problems.

The company will continue to improve the sales service system, technical personnel and sales engineers, sales area covering all cities and regions of the country.High quality and low price, in pre-sale, sale and after-sales each link to provide users with a comprehensive service, for you to solve the bearing problems, looking forward to your consultation and negotiation!